For instance: I once worked for a company that was constantly flying their Safety Manager all over the southeastern United States to train people to work in their warehouses, loading trucks. He would give a power-point safety presentation and would show the employees where, in the parking lot, to report if there was an incident. I convinced him to allow me to film his presentation and I produced a training DVD. The whole production was fifteen minutes long and met all OSHA requirements for training. The DVD was played for all the new warehouse personnel. We saved the company tens of thousands of dollars in travel expenses annually and the Safety Manager enjoyed a vastly improved quality of life.

We can save your company money by making you or your employees the stars of your own production. Work up an idea. We can help you to make your idea a reality. We will help you to lay it out and come up with a game plan to make it happen.

We can put you in front of a green screen to make you fly, or in front of a black screen for an important, serious message. We can overlay titles, add effects and add different angles. We can use point of view cameras to get up close to your products to show their quality over your competitors. We can add motion or perspective by using dolly-track; drawing your viewers into your message. There is so much we can do to add interest to your production to get your message across dramatically in a manner that fits your budget.

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